CB Smith Co.

Founded in 1975, C.B. Smith Company, Inc.
is a manufacturers representative and distributor
for water & waste-water treatment equipment.

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C.B. Smith Company, Inc.  9238 Gravois Road  St. Louis, Missouri  63123

Clifford Smith – Founder & Chairman of Board

Bruce Smith – President

Tina Swiney – Office Manager & Event Planner

Air Diffusion Systems
Fine bubble aeration for wastewater treatment lagoon aeration,
Potable water tank aeration for Stage 2, Disinfection Byproducts Rule,
Potable water reservoir treatment for manganese, iron, & odor removal

IET Aquaresearch, LTD
High strength bioaugmentation for sludge reduction, algae control, & ammonia reduction.
The Bactivator® automatic systems for fat, oil, grease, odor, and corrosion control
for lift stations and sewer lines.

Filter Tech Systems
Complete package potable water treatment Plants- with gravity or pressure filtration
Ultrafiltration systems with hollow fiber membranes provides absolute barrier to giardia cysts,
cryptosporidium, viruses and parasites.

Layfield Environmental
Liners for water & wastewater, secondary containment & soil remediation
Floating Covers for wastewater treatment lagoons

Air-O-Lator, Inc.
Submersible mixers rated for hazardous duty and continuous operation
Floating Aerators
Font’N-Aire Floating Fountains

Bermad Control Valves
“Y” body altitude, pressure relief, pressure sustaining, & pump control valves

AquataPoxy® coating and grout for potable water tank maintenance and repair that allows
short downtime for quick back to service
Flexible sealants for construction & expansion joints

Senninger Irrigation
Impact Sprinklers for Center Pivot & Mechanical Move
Impact Sprinklers for Solid Set/Nursery/Wastewater irrigation

Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co.
Aluminum irrigation pipe

C.B. Smith Company, Inc.  9238 Gravois Road  St. Louis, Missouri  63123
314-631-5855     314-631-5592 fax      E-mail cbsmithco@sbcglobal.net